on nesting? i guess…

I’m still not sure if it comes with turning 30, I’m sure it doesn’t come over night.. it creeps in slowly, an idea here, an idea there.. it might be the whole biological need of… nesting??
i lived in a small two bedroom apartment in bucharest for 25 years (i have to add a “wow” to that because it seems ages ago). We were four of us sharing this space and because my brother and I were growing up and we needed different stuff or because my mom had so many ideas, our home seemed to always be changing it’s shape and form but never loose its cozyness and comfort. 25 years in the same place, and i loved it…
in the past four years i lived in three different appartments. For two years i lived in dc in the sweetest basement appartment i could have dreamed of, with a fireplace and a backyard and wonderful neighbours, and even a little cherrytree in front. When i moved to Chisinau, one of my dearest friends found me a charming old style but cozy apartment with tall ceilings and tall balcony doors which open to a backyard full of trees, summer time here is absolutely amazing… and when in bucharest I live in my grandmother’s sweet cozy one bedroom apartment with red comfy couches and a red and white kitchen. i love each of these places in their own way because each has its own charm and sweet memories attached to it.
yes, and i fancy building a house one day on a piece of land. one can only wonder where these kind of thoughts and wishes could come from?… but i keep bumping into stuff that inspires me:

About Guvidissima

I love writing stuff on pieces of paper. My little brother thought I should write this stuff down on pieces of cyberspace. He gave me my own little website. I discovered blank cyberspace looks just as frightening as a blank piece of paper and I decided to take it slowly. The title came after a while, as I was taking a test on numbers, dates and personalities. Yes, I am an enthusiast. I like to believe there’s more to it than what we think there is. And I made a quest out of this. One of my friends a while ago told me I have a serious case of colorblindness, I can only see pink for some reason. Even if that’s not as true as I’d like it to be, this blog is written in a pinkish light: there is something magic about us and life, it might not be the holy truth, nor Darwin, nor the politics or the economics of demand and offer; as a very inspired Indian writer put it, I think it is the God of small things.
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