the best reason to buy a home cinema set…

is to be able to enjoy the production of La Traviata, prepared for the 2005 Salzburg Festival, with Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazon.

i’m not sure how much of an opera fan i usually am; they say opera is an acquired taste; i’ve done my share of opera education but i never felt wholly entirely won by opera… until one special evening when my friend Eduardo, who’s a true opera fan, decided to show us a bit of this show… it was love at first sight… that very night i went home and bought on amazon the dvd… and the night it came, i watched it twice… it’s one of those things that you cannot take your eyes off… not just the music, which is wonderful, but her dress, their black suits, the red couch, the glass that hits the wall, the so many almost breathable shades of love … it feels as if there was only one way this show could have ever existed and that was perfection… pure perfection… the state of existence where each vibration is synchronized in pure harmony;

i am literally jealous of each and every single person that was there in that music hall that night. did they know when they entered the hall that they will experience one of the most beautiful moments of human expression? it is so beautiful that the first thing that comes to my mind is that the place where this comes from is the same place where war and famine come from…

and so how can you ever lose your sense of wonder…

About Guvidissima

I love writing stuff on pieces of paper. My little brother thought I should write this stuff down on pieces of cyberspace. He gave me my own little website. I discovered blank cyberspace looks just as frightening as a blank piece of paper and I decided to take it slowly. The title came after a while, as I was taking a test on numbers, dates and personalities. Yes, I am an enthusiast. I like to believe there’s more to it than what we think there is. And I made a quest out of this. One of my friends a while ago told me I have a serious case of colorblindness, I can only see pink for some reason. Even if that’s not as true as I’d like it to be, this blog is written in a pinkish light: there is something magic about us and life, it might not be the holy truth, nor Darwin, nor the politics or the economics of demand and offer; as a very inspired Indian writer put it, I think it is the God of small things.
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